Our Pension scheme services are designed to fit your needs which include:

To access which of your employees are eligible and who could be signed up to your scheme.
Enrol them under the scheme.

Enrolment under the scheme can be a headache for your business. Under new legislation, even if you’re a very small business and employ one person you’re now legally required to provide a suitable pension scheme for all your eligible employees.

Pension Scheme

For those who have joined the scheme we will run monthly payroll with contribution payments for the eligible employees and look into pension reporting.
To be very effective we will Keep all the relevant records that are required by law.
Maintain proper records and continue updating any opt-outs and opt-ins as employees leave or join the scheme over time as well as dealing with and briefing starters and leavers.
Prompt feedback to your pension provider.


What Our Clients Say?

"KG Accounting Services made it exceptionally easy and efficient for me. I would definitetly recommend their accounting services to anybody." ~ Mr Waran
"KG accounting services are always thinking ahead and have provided valuable advice and tax planning over the years. I would have no hesitation in recommending them."
“Quick, efficient and always happy to help We are extremely satisfied with their services”

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